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We know you're probably used to just getting 

2 cents, but she's going to give you 3 cents!

Join Shaynel in her newly re-vamped show with Platinum Media Studios! The newly produced show covers a variety of topics concerning Relationships, Finance and Health & Wellness. We will dive into discussions that look into everyday issues such as parenting, entrepreneurship, economics and societal issues that impact our daily lives. Watch as Shaynel offers recommendations and advice on how to help individuals and families function optimally. You'll enjoy the variety of guests (community advocates, entrepreneurs/business owners and subject matter experts) as they offer interesting and diverse opinions --researched and presented with sass, sarcasm and tough love! You are guaranteed to laugh and get educated about whatever the discussion is! And as usual, Shaynel will give you more than what you bargained for! 

You can join Shaynel and her guests anytime online via YouTube! Simply locate Platinum Media Concepts on YouTube and select "Shaynel's 3 Cents" for viewing. You also locate past shows online by searching "Shaynel's 3 Cents." Feel free to click on the PMC logo below to find out more about the studio and its multimedia services.


** If you know a Subject Matter Expert who is interested in being a guest on the show, connect with us by clicking on the Shaynel's 3 Cents logo!

Connect with Shaynel by email at info@shaynels3cents.com, or 

on social media at Shaynel's 3 Cents on any of the platforms below. 

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