Family Life Education (FLE) Workshops/Lectures

Family Life Education (FLE) is any organized effort to provide family members and the community with information, skills, experiences, or resources intended to strengthen, improve, or enrich their family experience. OBF has certified, accredited, and/or licensed individuals to assist in providing FLE information, counseling, and/or related education to help enrich blended families.

OBF has a variety of family court advocacy resources that can assist parents, particularly non-custodial parents, in obtaining information to help their households. Whether you are in need of legal advice, assistance requesting custody/visitation, or modification of court orders, OBF can connect you with qualified individuals to get you started.

OBF provides information services, resources, and grants to programs and individuals in need of help strengthening blended families. Please connect with us concerning any needs that you may have. We are happy to help!

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Issues that affect blended families are of the utmost importance to OBF. We understand that a variety of circumstances can affect the relationships between a parent and a child, particularly for non-custodial parents, and OBF seeks to do what we can to positively intervene and assist. The Financial Advocacy Management (FAM) Unit will be accepting grant applications by the end of 2018. The FAM Unit will help non-custodial parents recognize, prepare for, and resolve many of the unique financial challenges specific to family division issues. Grants may be provided for the following types of financial need:


  • Transportation to visit a child living in another city or state

  • Medical treatments, family therapy, or mental health services

  • Specialized legal counsel to assist with filing family court documents or representation within the family courts

  • Sponsor attendance at fatherhood-based programs and other relevant parent education events

  • Parent/child activities (gift cards, event passes, etc.) for low-income parents

  • Financial education classes


The primary resolve of the FAM Unit will be to work with OBF’s many resources to continue to provide education and information to parents, while offering financial relief when able. We understand that good parenting not only requires love and attention, but also requires a financial commitment.  


If you interested or able to donate to the FAM Unit, please click here. Note that all contributions are tax deductible and an itemized receipt will be provided.

Financial Advocacy Management

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