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STEP into My Corner! A Daughter & Stepdaughter’s Guide to Blended Families

Sometimes I hate that I’m not an only child! It would have been nice to stay the baby of the family and get all of the attention, toys, candy, money -- whatever I wished for! When my parents got divorced and my dad remarried, instead of just having my big brother, I got another older sibling. Things were still kinda great until my dad and stepmom had a baby…ugh! I had to get used to being the middle child since the older kids were the same age...now two annoying older siblings! And of course everyone loved the new baby -- except me (sometimes)!

I was glad that I was still my mother’s baby, and I kept reminding her that I wanted it to stay that way! I was glad to have a nice and cool new stepmom, and was cool with my dad getting married, but I needed my mom to stay single so that I could at least still feel like her special baby when I was with her. Well, divorce came back into my life again, and so did another marriage. Now I have 3 more stepbrothers and sisters—a total of 5, and my biological brother—for a total of 6 brothers and sisters! Thanks mom and dad! #alotofkids!

Since this is my last year in high school, I’m looking forward to leaving my family (stepbrothers and stepsisters too) for college. It has been a long journey growing up in three houses with three sets of rules and different parenting styles. I met my first step-sibling when I was just a year old (I don’t really remember, but there are lots of photos!). Sixteen years later, I am still learning how to live with my step families and be a good big sister and good little sister even when I sometimes don’t feel like it!

  • Are there times when I wish I wasn’t part of a step family? Yes!

  • Are there times when I wish my parents had stayed married and kept our original family together? Yes!

  • Are there times when I wish I didn’t have to share my stuff with kids just because their mom married into my family? Yes!

  • Are there times when I would trade my step brothers and step sisters for a new iPhone 6 in the new rose gold color?? Heck yeah!

Overall, through the ups and downs of my blended families, I know that I am grateful for all of the love, lessons, and sharing that I’ve had over the years. And I know there’s more to come.

I’m excited that my mom has given me a blog to write. At first I was annoyed because it felt like more homework! But I believe that OBF will help other stepchildren work through their family changes and understand that they are still special and loved by all of their parents -- even the “evil stepmoms” and “mean stepdads!” There are some tricks to change them to normal people! LOL! Hopefully you’ll come back and read about some old, some new, and sometimes annoying “step-adventures” that I I’ve gone through. With 3 families and lots of step siblings, things are always busy for me. Even though my mom is busy trying to save the world and rescue people, I hope that some of my stories can help kids STEP into their new blended family lives!

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