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Family Life Education (FLE) is an area of study that focuses on healthy family functioning within a systems perspective and provides a preventative approach. FLE professionals work to teach and foster the skills needed for healthy family functioning: positive self-esteem, strong communication skills, understanding of typical human development, good decision-making skills, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Family Life Educators are certified and work under the auspice of The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), a nonprofit professional organization that focuses on family research, policy, and practice.

OBF is saddened to announce that we failed to win our fight for shared parental rights within the state of Maryland. The Shared Parenting Alliance (MSPA)- birthed from the Children's Rights Fund, and the combined vision of David L. Levy and his partner, David Smith Sr. - failed to secure a vote for Senate Bill 905 earlier this month. The State of Maryland has once again failed our children, by allowing the systematically flawed and discriminatory family court practices to continue.


In lighter news, Matt Bevin, the Governor of Kentucky, signed new legislation into law on April 10th that created a presumption of joint custody and equal parenting time. Both the Kentucky House and Senate unanimously approved the law to allow shared parenting within the family courts. In shared parenting, children get to see both parents equally. Kudos to Kentucky for doing the right thing! Meanwhile, in the state of Maryland, we continue to wait...

Click on the link below to view this month's suggested read, “False Start-Race To Prison: ‘My Mom Set Me Up’”, authored by Dr. Robin J. Bell and co-authored by Terry Bell. This enlightening book examines the dynamics of female mate selection within the black community and its resulting impact. Dr. Bell asks whether women make sound decisions when it comes to selecting fathers for their children. She notes the overwhelming number of black men in prison today, the factors that lead them to prison, and how motherhood ultimately ties into the equation. This book takes a critical look within the black community with interviews from young men sharing stories of growing up with an almost "pre-destined" path to prison. Dr. Bell's research, analysis, and fluid writing style makes this a great read!




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