What Is A Blended Family?

Most people recognize "step families" (with stepmoms, stepdads, or step siblings) as blended families, but are unaware of the other types of blended families in our society. For example, a woman that is frequently referrenced as a "Baby-Mama" may be one half of a blended family. Similarly, a "Baby Daddy" may also be one half of a blended family. Both women and men who have children out of wedlock (unmarried) create the foundation for a blended family. They each allow for future relationships and/or a marriage where two people come together and raise children. Some men and women come with their own children; others make additional children with their new partner. However the family is created, it encompasses a need for a "blending" of the family unit.

Relationships are special, and many start off in a positive fashion - especially if a child is created!

The birth of a child is always special!


As often happens in relationships (marriage/dating/casual fling), changes can occur that affect whether a couple can continue making a life together. If a child  has been born out of that relationship, it is important that each person understand that they must work together to co-parent.


Even if a new person has entered the picture...


Breakups often lead to selfish fighting over the child and disrespectful behavior towards the other parent.

A good parent always places the best interest of the child first and understands that their feelings about the other person are secondary.

Most dictionaries define a blended family as a family unit where at least one parent has a child (or children) from a previous relationship that is not genetically related to the other parent. This includes stepparents and single parents (divorced and/or never married) who raise children with a significant other.

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