Building & Maintaining Bridges for Fathers!

Our 2017 Father's Day fundraising campaign, via "Building & Maintaining Bridges for Fathers" was successful in providing 8 non-custodial fathers within the DC, Maryland and Virginia area with event packages! Our goal was to encourage dads to apply for the drawing and alert the public of the need to acknowledge and support these fathers. We have collected funding to help fathers spend time with their children, regardless of the cost, by gifting them with event packages.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

  1. R.S. | Seat Pleasant, MD | Father of one | AMC movie tickets

  2. A.T. | Suitland, MD  | Father of two | AMC movie tickets

  3. J.B. | Greenbelt, MD | Father of one | Dave & Buster's gift card

  4. J.W. | Washington, DC | Father of three | Chuck E. Cheese gift card

  5. D.H. | Washington, DC | Father of one | Chuck E. Cheese gift card

  6. D.A. | Greenbelt, MD | Father of two | AMC movie passes

  7. D.J. | Suitland, MD | Father of two | Dave & Buster's gift card

  8. L.M. | Baltimore, MD | Father of one | Dave & Buster's gift card


OBF would like to once again thank everyone who donated to this year's Father's Day fundraiser! We appreciated your contributions to this important cause that supported fathers and their children!


Please help OBF continue to build and maintain bridges for fathers to show their love and support for their children!


Non-custodial fathers are seldom discussed and usually under-represented with regard to parents who may need support and financial services. They are those gentlemen whose children do not live with them 100% of the time. Women often receive physical custody of children after divorce or separation, making fathers the non-custodial parent in most cases. Many non-custodial fathers may share legal custody, have visitation rights, and pay child support. As such, they may suffer economic hardships due to financially supporting two households. Studies have shown that non-custodial fathers are often referred to as “deadbeat dads” when child support is not paid or in arrears. OBF believes that by sponsoring the “Building & Maintaining Bridges for Fathers” campaign, we can ease some of the financial responsibility for non-custodial fathers, and allow them to focus on spending quality time with their children.

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