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Blended Families

What Is A Blended Family?

Most people recognize "step families" (with stepmoms, stepdads, or step-siblings) as blended families, but are unaware of the other types of blended families in our society. For example, a woman that is frequently referenced as a "Baby-Mama" maybe one half of a blended family. Similarly, a "Baby Daddy" may also be one half of a blended family. Both women and men who have children out of wedlock (unmarried) create the foundation for a blended family. They each allow for future relationships and/or marriage where two people come together and raise children. Some men and women come with their own children; others make additional children with their new partners. However the family is created, it encompasses a need for a "blending" of the family unit.

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Relationships are special, and many start off in a positive fashion - especially if a child is created!


Most dictionaries define a blended family as a family unit where at least one parent has a child (or children) from a previous relationship that is not genetically related to the other parent. This includes stepparents and single parents (divorced and/or never married) who raise children with a significant other.