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Our Blended Families, Inc. (OBF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping blended families work together to raise and nurture emotionally healthy children. OBF’s vision is to create and maintain positive adult relationships within blended families, where each parent sees the value in communication, collaboration, and community parenting. We believe that by bringing awareness to the need for parents to effectively partner with their ex-spouses or former mates, we can combat negative behaviors frequently seen in co-parenting children between dual homes. Broken relationships frequently lead to strained communication between parents that can have an adverse impact on child-rearing. When another adult is added to the parenting mix via dating or remarriage, a hostile co-parenting relationship is often created. OBF hopes to diminish the "baby mama drama" and "deadbeat dad" connotations by providing resources and family life education that promote healthy family functioning, healthy interpersonal relationships, and increased emotional health. 

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